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Booster is used to accelerate the polymerization process of the adhesive. It is used when: -There is low humidity -You need your adhesive to work faster

You can use it for: 💗 Pre-assembling fans 💗 Seal the application at the end 💗 Create spikes 💗 Accelerate adhesive drying

How to use:

-To speed up drying, use a dry and clean microbrush to take a little Booster (be careful because it is liquid) and place it on the strip of extensions (only at the base or contact zone), and start the application.

You can do this every 15 - 20 minutes to accelerate the polymerization process of the adhesive.

-To seal, place it at the end of the application, only in the contact zone.

-To create spikes, place booster from the base to the tip of the extensions on the strip.

-To pre-assemble fans, assemble the fan with your preferred technique, pass the fan through the adhesive, and then through a drop of booster, the fan will be sealed to save it.

Contains 15 ml

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