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Color Developer | My Lamination

Color Developer | My Lamination

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Color Developer, dye revealing cream.

Contains: 2.02 oz / 60 ml

How to use: Mix with COLOR MY LAMINATION (dye) with COLOR DEVELOPER (dye revealing cream). The formula is 1:2 (1 part of Color My Lamination to 2 parts of Color Developer). Apply the creamy product at a distance of 1-2 mm from the eyelid skin or waterline. Leave on for the processing time as indicated for the type of lash or brow. After the necessary time, remove with a clean and dry Q-tip or lip brush.

Ingredients COLOR DEVELOPER: Water, cetearyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, lauryl alcohol, ceteareth-20, ceteareth-30, phosphoric acid, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, sodium stannate, citric acid.

Important: For professional use only. This product may cause severe allergic reactions. Hair dyes can cause severe allergic reactions. Read and follow the instructions. This product is not intended for use on persons under 18 years of age. "Black henna" temporary tattoos may increase your risk of allergy. Do not dye your lashes/brows if: you have a rash on your face or sensitive, irritated, and damaged scalp; you have ever experienced any reaction after dyeing your hair; you have had a reaction to a "black henna" temporary tattoo in the past. Rinse eyes immediately if the product comes into contact with them. Contains phenylenediamines (toluenediamines). Use suitable gloves.

Professional use only. 

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