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Beauty Lash

Dark Volume Lashes Mixed

Dark Volume Lashes Mixed

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Dark Volume Lashes in mixed sizes.

Contains: 16 rows

Sizes: 6 mm to 14 mm

Our extensions are very soft, lightweight, flexible.

The Dark Volume lashes provide an intense finish and, due to their construction and color, give a sense of greater length and fullness.

Due to their porosity, you will notice an easier time creating fans, better adhesion, and improved retention.

  • Does not lose curl
  • Softer
  • Better care for natural eyelashes
  • Matte finish

We always recommend respecting the natural lashes of your clients and the weight they can support. Beauty Lash extensions respect the gram weight or thickness/weight ratio.

  • Very soft
  • Matte finish
  • Care for the natural lash thanks to the thickness-weight ratio we maintain at Beauty Lash

Our eyelash extensions are FDA and MoCRA approved. 

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