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Lash Mousse

Lash Mousse

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Lash Mousse Cleanser is a special eyelash shampoo.

♥This mousse is specifically for eyelashes and is applied with a brush (lash brush) to clean the entire eyelash area before application.

♥It should be applied after the client removes their makeup and before any application or touch-up. In the case of a touch-up or maintenance, it is applied after the removal of damaged lashes and before the application.


  • Apply with the client's eyes closed and the client stretched out on the bed
  • Apply to the back of your hand or directly to the client's eye (one push) always with the client's eyes closed
  • Gently clean the eye area with a lash brush, passing it through the lashes and rinsing with water, asking the client to tilt their head to the side so that the water flows onto a cleenex or towel
  • Dry the area with a clean cleenex
  • Repeat with the other eye

Contains: 100 ml

Storage: Keep in a cool place.

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